What Is SEO and Why Should Businesses In Nigeria Care About It?

A vast majority of the traffic on the web is mostly generated by these big names search engines like, Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Although, there are other sources of this traffic like, social media, and other organic sources, search engines are the major paths of navigation for many users of the internet. It doesn’t matter what content your site provides, as long as it can be seen on the internet. Traffic can be defined as the number of people/visitors that visits your website

These major search engines are unique, how? Because they provide something we call, targeted traffic. And what exactly does that mean? It means they find people who are looking for exactly what your site is offering. This is what these search engines are for, this is their use (not just that, though, as they provide numerous other purposes.). If your site cannot be found by these search engines, or are unable to add your site’s content to their existing databases, then your site would be sorely missing out on the traffic that these search engines can direct its way.

As you may or may not know, search queries (that is, words used by users to search for a particular thing) carry inexplicable value. Traffic generated by a search engine can bring unfathomable success to an organization. Traffic directed to your site provides huge publicity (something you would want for your site), it also brings in exposure and revenue (tell me that isn’t enticing, or that doesn’t sound like something you’d want for your organization). No marketing channel can bring in these kind of successes. Investing in your site’s SEO will and can have an extraordinary ROI as compared to other marketing promotion options.


We’ll tell you why.

It is because we all need help. What? Hear us out. Just like you need help promoting your site to the world, so does the search engine, but this time, it needs a different kind of help. The search engine needs help to improve its current technology, so as for it to crawl the web deeply, and return better results to users. Any wrong move, and your site is buried deep in search results where you’ll get minimal visibility (and you don’t want that).

You need to make contents available to search engines, and not just any contents, quality and fresh contents; and in addition to providing this, SEO will help boost your rankings so that your provided content will be placed high in search rankings where internet users will easily find it. There’s and increasing competition online (and this is not slowing down anytime soon), and companies that pay attention to their SEO have better advantages in getting their contents seen by visitors.

SEO is volatile, in that, it changes every now and then. In the early years of SEO, people had to manually submit meta keywords tag, and these were necessary for a better ranking. Later, as the years went by, people bought huge amounts of automated blog comments from spam injectors, constructed an inter-linking world of websites, just so they could rank higher on search engines. In the 2010’s, social media marketing and vertical search inclusion became the waves of the day. What was done in the early years of SEO, if applied today, could harm your SEO.

Change, like they say, is constant, and the world of SEO is ever changing, ever evolving, and you just have to keep abreast of the changing times to be ahead of others in the pool of competitors. You do not want to lose out on visitors because you became lazy in tackling your SEO “issues,” while others are rising in the ranks on the various search engines. So therefore, hire an SEO agency in Nigeria such as ZEODigital to help increase the ranking of your website on search engines and attract free and targeted traffic.

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