What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; and it is the process of increasing the number of visitors to your website by making sure that your website ranks high on the list of search results on a search engine (like Google, Bing, etc.) results page. It makes your website more visible to customers, and the more visible you are to people, by your target audience, the more chances you have of having higher sales. Search Engine Optimization is one way you help search engines find your business webpages. Your website lacking optimization simply means that your website will be buried beneath the pile of competition, in fact, you won’t be considered a competitor, and your prospective clients will rather choose those that they can easily reach, your competitors.

Companies that rank high in Google search results have the high chance of getting more clicks, and more people buying from them, than you who is unable to be found, and these businesses that rank high on the search list probably wouldn’t even need to spend much (if any) money on Google ads.

If you know that your business is not ranking as you would want it to on search engines results pages, then you need to do something about that so that you stop losing visibility and customers.

SEO Benefits for a Website

  1. Brand Credibility: If your business’ website ranks high on search engine results pages, your brand’s reputation is given some credibility. People will trust your brand more. And seeing that it ranks high means that Google trusts your business, and this translates into your potential clients trusting you as well. And there’s always the benefit of respect from those in your field.
  2. Targeted Website Traffic: A beautiful garden is good, but what is a beautiful garden without any there to admire it? Just like that garden, if your website is beautiful but it has no visitors, of what good is it? As a brand, your website is one way people are able to reach you, and, also to get more sales, increased revenue and all. But if no one is able to find your website, no one visits it, and you do not get an increment in sales, and no one is able to reach you either.
  3. Higher Return On Investment: With SEO, you save your business a lot of money, because, if done right, you wouldn’t need any heavy advertising. Your business will get a high traffic for free, all because someone is doing their homework well, and is able to rank your website, generating traffic that, in turn, leads to more sales.

If you know that your business is not getting the increased traffic to its website, then you need to do something about it, hire a digital marketer or a SEO Company to help you, or if you choose to do it yourself, then you would need to take online courses to learn how to outsmart your competitors. And if your business is already listed online and you still do not see any sales, or enough traffic, then what you need to do is get someone to maintain your site, preferably someone with the knowledge of digital marketing, as they will find better ways to get the traffic and sales you need for your business.

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