Page 1 Ranking on Google In Two Months For a German Website

The Client

A German NGO that focuses on educating the youths on the need to abstain from premarital sex contacted us to do SEO for their website.

The Challenge

The SEO of their website was first outsourced to a German SEO company but there was nothing to show for it as the site did not appear on Google for the keywords they wanted it to appear for. We were told the former SEO company has been working on it for over a year before they discontinued working with them.

What We Did

Upon taking over the project, we had to overhaul the whole website. We also

  • Edited all the contents on the website
  • Created a proper silo structure for the website
  • Removed all the spammy backlinks the former SEO company built to the site
  • Built Quality Backlinks from German website to the site

The Result

The website  soared to page 1 of Google  in two months with most of its keyword ranking on Number 2 and 3 of Google. As a result of the increase in ranking, the visitors to the NGO website increased tremendously.





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