On-Page SEO Basics For Rookies

It does not matter whether you are writing a copy for your website or you are preparing a new blog post, you should always design your content making use of SEO best practices. The difference between several positions in search engine results could just be a matter of whether or not you follow the guidelines that are stated on how well to go about your SEO practices.


Every page that you seek to optimize should have target keywords, and every keyword that you select should have a page that is dedicated to optimizing it. You should not expect that your selected keywords will generate traffic unless you have dedicated pages that focus on the same topics.

You should remember that search engines do not rank websites, what they do is that they rank individual web pages. So, you make sure that you one page per topic that is aimed at a particular keyword group.

Create Quality Content

You should not put too much focus on SEO. You should place more focus on those that you are creating the contents on these web pages for. Ensure that you do your best to create a dedicated page that gives great information on the topic at hand. Put in more time in research and create content that makes your page the most relevant on the internet.

View your page as though you were the search engine, and you should examine the details of your page for all the content that you want the search engine to see. You can always make the content better by using examples, industry trends, research studies, quotes from experts in their individual fields, reviews or any other materials that will help support the message that you are trying to pass.

Header Tags

Make use of header tags, too. And these tags should be used to separate the content of your page. And the most important one is the H1 tag. And this tag should be used for all page titles and needs to include your target keyword for the page. Make sure that you use this H1 tag just once. For the subheadings, you should make use of the H2 and H3 tags. You can also add some keywords, but do not use an inordinate amount of them.

Meta Title & Descriptions

Your meta title and description is what will show up on Google when someone makes a search. You should ensure that your meta title and description is descriptive and catchy. It is also advisable that they contain the keyword you are trying to rank for.

Meta title and Meta description

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