Digital Marketing Training Course In Lagos

Thinking of taking a digital marketing training in Lagos? ZEODigital Academy is the best place to take it.

We are Nigeria’s leading and globally recognized digital marketing training academy located in Lagos, Nigeria. We offer digital marketing training in Lagos to both individuals and corporate organization.

Our training is cheap because our mission is to ensure that everyone becomes digital marketing savvy, this, we believe will help make Nigeria better.

Our training is 100% Practical.

By signing up for our digital marketing training in Lagos, you will be taught the following digital marketing courses:

Our Digital Marketing Training In Lagos Courses

Introduction to Digital Marketing

We will take you through what digital marketing is and how you can effectively promote goods and services online through online Marketing. We will also take you through its fundamentals and why it (online advertising) is better than traditional marketing.

Digital Strategy

By signing up for this digital marketing masterclass, we will let you know how to design and develop a digital marketing strategy for any business in the world.

Blogging and Content Marketing

You will also be taught how to create and use blogs for marketing. We will teach you how to create different kinds of content for your marketing needs. Have you ever asked yourself how Linda Ikeji makes her money? We will teach you how you can make money with blogging and content marketing using Google Adsense and other pay per click websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Ever wondered how some websites show up on Google when you make a search? That is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Our SEO Training will take you through how to get lots and targeted international and local traffic (website visitors) from Google and other search engines.

Affiliate Marketing

By coming for our training, you will be tutored on how you can make money promoting other people’s good and services online for a commission using pay per click ads.

Email Marketing

This e-involves promoting goods and services by sending emails. We will teach you how to get the emails of people that will be highly interested in your goods and services. We will tell you one sweet method that will give you at least 1,000 emails of your targeted customers in two days.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a platform by Google that allows you to create Adverts on Google and Youtube. We will teach you how to create search and display ads on Google. You will also learn how you can create an advert on YouTube step by step.

Social Media Marketing

Do you know that people lots of money by selling on Facebook and Instagram? We will take you through the fundamentals of creating highly effective online ads on Facebook and Instagram that will skyrocket your ROI.


Importation Business

Anyone who signs up for this digital marketing training will also be taught how to import local and international goods for cheap on China and then sell them here in Nigeria with digital marketing most especially with social media marketing. Importation business is the new cash cow for Nigerians. You don’t want to miss this.

Internship Opportunity

You also stand the chance of getting into our digital internship programme by taking this course. The internship is for a period of 1 month and it is 100% remote.

How Much Is the Digital Marketing Training?

Our Digital Marketing Training in Lagos is for just 50,000 Naira for Individuals and 85,000 Naira for a group of two. There are lots of digital marketing career opportunities and business ideas you will gain from this training.

Digital Marketing Training Schedule

Date: 16th of June, 2018 – 20th June, 2018

Venue:  17b Banjoko St, Mafoluku Oshodi, Lagos Nigeria

Time; 10 am- 3pm daily

How To Register For The Training

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