As a business owner with a running website, one who cares a lot about the traffic you get on your site, you must have thought about how to rank higher on a Google search. Every business, big and small, wants to be findable online, but the truth is, it comes with its own challenges. Your brand could have a killer website, but if you do not hire an SEO agency or have any SEO techniques, your audience stand will be filled with the sounds of crickets.

Now, how do you boost your rankings? Let’s check out these six free tools that will help make that happen

Google Trends

75% of internet users use Google, so it would make sense if we actually checked out how to rank higher on Google searches. Google Trend is the go-to keyword tool. This shows you how search engines queries evolve over time when people search for your provided keyword, comparing each word or phrase to see which is best. Using Google Trends, you can also take a look at a regional breakdown that gives you a glimpse into where search keywords are most popular.

Screaming Frog

Funny name, huh? But it sure does more than make you giggle. This tool finds broken links, oversized photos and files, missing metadata, internal links, duplicate pages etc. It audits your site. It is free for the first 500 URLs. It searches for any SEO impediments and provides you with a solution on how best to handle them.

SerpRobot Rank Checker

Do you want to know where your website falls in search engine results? You can find out with serprobot. This tool shows you what position your site is for any the keywords you input into it.


With this tool, you’ll be given a list of SEO improvements in a matter of seconds. It can be found on your Chrome’s extension. You’ll be given an overall SEO score, then you’ll be shown how to improve your site’s SEO. Unlike other tools that only show you the problem, Woorank actually proffers solutions to them.


This particular tool helps show you how a search engine views your website. It strips your site of everything to the basic level. It rids it of headers or images or any fancy fonts, and it shows all relevant SEO information. By giving you this view of your site, you are able to see what and what is needed to be improved upon.


If you have a sluggish page, it can slow down your SEO. The speed of your site plays a huge role in search engine rankings. And to avoid being in the red for such, you’d need to double check the speed of your site using this tool. All you need to do is enter your site’s URL into GTmetrix and you’ll get a page speed score and a list of things to do to improve it.

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